Trust More Retreat

За български натиснете тук.

November 16-23, Bali, Indonesia

We invite you to a somatic experiential & adventure retreat in Bali.

Trust is a fundamental part of our lives and few people talk about it. If we do not trust ourselves, it will be difficult to do anything different and new. If we don’t trust ourselves, it’s hard to change our lives. If we do not trust our loved ones, we can hardly build anything together. If we don’t have TRUST in life, we’re unlikely to have the confidence to make our dreams come true and we’re more likely to live in fight or flight mode.

So how do we get back to the so mysterious TRUST?

This is what we will explore in this therapeutic and esoteric retreat in Bali.

We did not choose Bali by chance. Firstly, because we are all in love with this island, but even more so, because the people of Bali are a total inspiration to live life in Trust. Bali is the only Hindu island out of over 6,000 Indonesian islands. Here people fully believe in karma i.e. The law of action and reaction. When you meet them for the first time, they seem unrealistically naive, smiling, kind. They don’t take anything personally. They look like they aim to serve you 100% as their guest/visitor to the island.  You think it’s some form of politeness, but you soon realize that they live like this, in complete trust and faith in goodness. Inspired by Balinese people, we will explore the nuances of trust. We will also learn this through various somatic practices and adventures.

This retreat will have 3 parts.

Part 1 – How do I build trust in myself? (confidence & consistency)

Part 2 – How do I build trust in others? (practices, listening & exploration)

Part 3 – How do I build trust in the universe? (faith & surrender, prayer)

Retreat practical information

All the details

Our route will be in the places: Uluwatu & Ubud

In Uluatu will be our retreat program, and in Ubud (the cultural and yoga capital of Bali) there will be more time for culture, temples, waterfalls.

Accommodation is in luxury villas.

Our program:

November 16 – Salamat Datang! or Welcome to Denpasar, Bali. Departure to Uluwatu with private transport.

November 16 – Accommodation and dinner.

November 17 – 21 Retreat Program – 5 days

Sample daily retreat schedule

Morning movement practice*** 8:00 – 9:30 ***Practices will be Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, Dance Therapy, Shaking, Walking…

Breakfast – 9:30 -10:30

Retreat Workshops – 10.30-13:00

Lunch in the villa – 13.00-14.00

Free time and rest – 14 – 15.00

Afternoon workshops – 15:00 – 17:00

Rest / sunset and meditation at the beach 17.30 – 18:30

Free time / dinner – 18.30 – onward

21 November  – departing for Ubud after sunset.

22 November 3.00 – rise at dawn to climb the Batur volcano and spend the rest of the morning at the mineral springs of the volcano. On the way back we will stop for a water ritual – purification and initiation at a purification temple.

We will end the day with the famous rice terrace plantations, Tegalalang. Here you will be able to swing and scream above the endless green rice fields in the famous Bali Swing.

November 23 – last day

Morning yoga practice – 8:00 – 9:00

Last sharing circle 9.00 – 9.30

Breakfast – 9:30 – 10:30

Free time in Ubud – shopping / resting by the pool

Retreat end!

!!! Please look for a late night flight with Qatar airways or Emirates after midnight on the 22 November. These 2 flights are at 00.05 on November 23.

Retreat investment

After May 1 For 1 person – 1,666 euros

For 2+ registered together – 1,555 euros (per person)

Deadline for registration – Until there are spaces.

The price includes the following:

*7 nights in luxury hotels/villas (double accommodation, i.e. 2 people in one room or single (with extra charge).

*7 hearty breakfasts and 5 lunches

*All practices, lectures and workshops.

*Transportation to all our destinations in air-conditioned cars.

*Health and travel insurance

The price does NOT include the following:


*Some lunches and 6 dinners (you can expect between €15-30)

*Visa on arrival – $35 *Entrance fees to attractions (between $2 and $10)

*Individual water therapy, massages, surfing lessons and any other personal practices.

*Transportation and entrance fee for the trek to Batur Volcano.

*Optional additional excursions/taxis.

Registration Register by paying a deposit of 50% of the price and the remaining amount must be paid by October 1.

Group size – maximum 20 people.

Additional Information The trip is extremely suitable for both solo travelers, couples or groups of friends. All are welcome. The program is intense because there is a lot to experience but if we feel that the group needs more rest or something else, we can change and slow down the pace.

We require all participants to be a part of all the activities we organize. This is a group transformational retreat.


*Additional activities are paid separately in Bali.

* *THE TOUR OPERATOR, including the facilitator of the retreat group, if necessary and in order not to change the content of the program and to carry out the group, reserve the right to make changes and changes to the program and its additional facilitators, without significantly changing its content.

*Substitution of one of the facilitators in the event that the primary organizer from YogisArt is present, the hotel or food and entertainment establishment with others of the same or higher category or class is not considered a significant change to the Contract.

*It is possible to change the schedule of the additional events in order to comply with the working hours of the sites. *The organizer reserves the right to change prices due to drastic price increases in Bali.

*In the event of a medical illness or hospitalization of the tourist, the representative of the tour operator can assist the victim as far as the program allows, without harming other tourists or disrupting the integrity of the trip.

*The tour operator is not a party to the insured event and is not responsible if, due to non-compliance with the insurer’s general terms and conditions, the tourist is denied assistance abroad or payment of incurred expenses.

*The tour operator does not owe compensation or refunds to a tourist who has canceled his trip due to a medical problem or of his own volition. * The tour operator does not refund the amount of the tourist trip due to the delay on the part of the travelers.

*The tour operator and the Carrier are not responsible for lost, stolen or forgotten luggage during the trip and the tourist’s stay, as well as for the contents of the luggage.

* The tour operator is not responsible and does not reimburse tourists who for any reason are denied access to the countries included in the program due to a ban on leaving the country, invalid or missing documents or other reasons beyond their control.

Recommendation: The program is not recommended for people with limited mobility!

YogisArt EOOD, License number for tour operator: РК-01-8304 / 23.02.2023| Insurance policy number: 13052310000096 / 24.02.2023