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The path of mentorship with me is a deeply personal process that helps you explore and understand your values, passions, and goals in order to achieve greater fulfillment and meaning in your life. Does it mean your personal life coach will be better than you in the specific goal you are passionate about and focusing on? Not necessarily. Coaches never better their clients. But good coaches can be outstanding at developing a winning plan, and bringing out the best in their clients. Quality coaches drive quality results. This type of experience and expertise is what drives the benefits of life coaching, like improving your focus and overcoming your limiting beliefs. Your coach can become a trusted partner who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform/live at your best. When you work with me, we will stay in contact to hold you accountable and keep you on track to see you through the completion of your goals. Here are some of the main steps and components of this process:

  1. Exploring limiting beliefs is an important part of the coaching process because such beliefs can limit your potential and hold you back from achieving happiness and success. They are established by asking questions and analyzing your inner reaction and thoughts.
  2. Exploring Values: Values are the core principles and beliefs that guide you and define what is important to you. By analyzing your values, you can create a clearer picture of what you really want from your life and how you can achieve it.
  3. Exploring your sacred desires and passions: These are the things, activities, or interests that make you happy and inspire you. By exploring and fulfilling these desires, you can be on your way to a more fulfilling and joy-filled life.
  4. Goal setting: Your goals are specific, measurable, and achievable steps you want to take. With my help, you will define and structure your goals so that you can focus on the realization of your dreams and ambitions.
  5. Developing strategies: Creating strategies and plans of action is an important part of the process of finding happiness and a life mission. I will help you identify and choose the most effective methods and tools to help you overcome challenges and achieve the desired results.
  6. Support and responsibilities: Your happiness and achievements are your own responsibility, but you also need support and someone to keep you accountable and motivated in the process. I will give you support, motivation and feedback throughout the process, as well as helping you to engage with yourself and take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

The process of finding happiness and life mission coaching is individual and personalized, with the goal of helping you develop better self-awareness, achieve the results you want, and live a fulfilling life according to your unique values and desires.

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