Hi lovely people, , I'm Tatyana or in short Tanya, a wellness and life coach, yoga teacher, former marketer and passionate organizer of healing and transformational retreats around the world.

my mission


Welcome wholeheartedly to my world. I created YOGISART inspired by the ideology of the East to live our life consciously, as a thread of small rituals. The retreats I organize aim for exactly that.
My values are FREEDOM, TRANSPARENCY and OPENNESS, SHARING and COMMUNITIES, PROGRESS and EXPANSION. I believe that each of us can live the life of our dreams if we have the necessary resources, support, will and action. With my coaching, retreats, and podcast, I aim to do just that, empower you to live your best life.

Who am I?

Tatiana Anna

Hi, I'm Tatyana or Tania, Certified Wellness Coach (at the New York Institute IIN @nutritionschool), Certified Yoga Teacher, Student of Ancient Daoist Practices (Inner Alchemy, QiGong by Mankat Chia), Certified Contact Improvisation Dance Teacher, Marketing & Communications Specialist by education and a passionate organizer of transformational retreats around the world. It's a way of life for me to learn new things, pass them back to people and travel and experience different cultures to expand my horizons. My story begins in Bulgaria, where I was born. Through university life in Dusseldorf, Germany, working in corporate world in London, and then continues studying the wisdom of the East and the rituals and ceremonies of Indian cultures in Latin America, until I found the center, living back in Europe.
I used my experience together with all the qualifications I have to help people live their fullest potential and their dream lives. A dream is just a dream before you make a plan and decide how to accomplish it.

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Life and wellness coaching

I am qualified by the New York School IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) as a Holistic Health Coach and specialize as a Life Wellness Coach. I will help you discover and achieve your dream life.
Balanced health, relationships, mission and purpose in life, work and career goals, dreams. With our 1:1 meetings, I will help you get to the truths about you, eliminate limiting beliefs and build a better life.
As a coach, I will be by your side, not to give you the answers, but to ask you the right questions, so that together we can discover your answers, prepare an action plan and manifest the desired together. Contact me for a 15 minute free intro meeting - online or in person.