The journey begins

My journey for clear blue skies begins here….


Fort Cochi and on the way to Varkala.

OMG fly Qatar airways every time you can. I don’t want to start this blog advertising something but seriously, it is the most generous airline I know so far. Anyhow. Soo here I am.

I arrived in Cochin airport on Saturday early morning. As I expected I made friends with a lovely woman from Wales and her daughter who does volunteer work here in India picked us up from the airport. Fear number one how will I get to my hostel from the airport was overcome in an instance.

I also want to tell you that unlike the rumors I’ve heard about arriving into an Indian airport, there was no taxi drivers or anyone else trying to bother us on arrival. What a great relief. Phew.


So arrived at my hostel and even though it said that is mixed dormitory, it was actually just 3 girls. Another relief. The hostel was basic but clean, well air conditioned, the showers were working, another relief (no bucket bathing yet :)), and most importantly the friendly staff, helped me with all my questions.

Fort Cochin to my great surprise is 90% Christian place. This is due to the fact that the Portuguese, Dutch and then the Brits ruled the place for many years. There are various Catholic and even Orthodox churches. People here are extremely religious. On Sunday morning you can see from my photos the churches were overcrowded with devotees. In some of them visitors are not permitted during the service.

And yes, it is dirty, in fact it is probably mega dirty for our Western standards but in terms of India standards it is probably one of the cleanest places.

Safety-wise it feels extremely safe. No one really bother me (except of course the people trying to sell something an d the tuk-tuk guys

Me and my new friends went to see some of the cultural Kalaripayattu, Mohiniyattam and Kathakali (see photos) The Later of which was my favourite one.

Now most importantly food wise, OMG. My experiences with food here were amazing. Amongst some of the places I will recommend for eating if you ever come here are The Kashi Art Cafe, The Tea Pot Cafe and lastly the Dal Roti by the post office.

I tried my best to find a yoga class on the 2nd and last day on my stay here but when I went to the place which was recommended to me but there was no one. Later during the day I found out that there is an amazing yoga master who teaches at evenings and night by the beach road. Maybe you can find it. Apparently he sometimes plays his pipe during savasana. How amazing hey.

This morning I woke up early to take the 7:35am train to Varkala. The beach village.

One last thing hawking is everywhere in India. It is annoying at first but then you realise it is simply their way of saying ‘hey I am here’ be mindful of me.

This is it. A weekend has passed and I am really enjoying the first moments of my new free life. What will bring i don’t know, but I am most certainly ready to take it. I am ready to love the world. To welcome adventures. Meaningful life. Thank you universe.

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