Life Re-Discovered- Tantra yoga and conscious dance retreat

Life Re-Discovered- Tantra yoga and conscious dance retreat

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My dear friends!

As some of you know I was off at the end of last year on a spiritual journey through India and Nepal and somewhere else soon too. I really had no plan apart from a one-way ticket to Kerala, India. I let (for once) the stream of life take me to where I need to be next. I let go of the control, planning and everything that show no trust that life will take care of me. Exciting times hey!!!!

My journey took me to magic ashrams, meeting spiritual leaders, humanitarians, gurus like Amma, Prem Baba and Mooji along with bathing in sacred beaches and powerful river like Ganga, stroking holy cows to remove past karma as well enjoying freedom to live everyday differently.

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I am planning though to be back home to Bulgaria at the begging of July 2015.

So this is a save-the-date invite.

I would love you to come and give me a hug when I am back. And in return I promise to share all I have gathered on the way of my travels.
This retreat will be about you, about us, about Tantra yoga, about spiritual growth, about life and most importantly about the healing power of love. We will practice yoga, meditation as well as lose ourselves in conscious dance under the starts discovering our true nature.

The retreat is donation based which means you give what you can afford.

I really hope you can make it and this is why I am sending the invite so far in advance.

To our friendship.


P.S. You can find direct flights to Bourgas on

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