I know nothing

I am sitting on the British Emergency evacuation flight from Nepal and I have mixed feelings. One part of me is so so grateful to be one of the lucky survivors without even a scratch from the earthquake, to be taken care of the British army during the past few days past the earthquake and to be on this free flight to London. I know I am a lucky girl. And life for me continues.
On the other hand my heart and soul are completely aching. So sad to be leaving the beautiful people of Nepal with only donation being some of my clothes and all my nepali money which wasn’t more than couple of pounds.
I am dying from inside. My heart is telling me I don’t want to go back to the stupid materialistic West. I am serious. And i am not sorry I am so in love with the wild east. With nature. With freedom. With hugging and kissing people even after 5 minutes after meeting them, and no it is not a drunk situation.
So anyhow. Life for me continues. I am due to go the California and work at a hippie festival in 10 days. And this is what I want to share with you with so much passion that my heart aches. On April 25th, the day of the big earthquake was my 6 months anniversary into the wild. I’ve had so many awesome experiences from sleeping on the floor for weeks to feeling the king of the world drinking my freshly squeezed mango juice. The adventure started with one ashram to another, beaches and magic jamming nights at the beach with lovely people from around the world, touring with Amma, meeting Mooji, pouring my heart with the lovely Navaratri celebrations with Prem Baba, eating home made kitchery on an ashram floor and making chapati in the dessert, bathing almost naked in mother river Ganga, tracking to waterfalls, using ‘open’ toilets :P, participating in the most magic xmas play, attending tantric workshops, following my breaths rhythm, learning Vipassana mediation. BUT there are two things that matter the most to me. The first is that all the travels are so so so special mainly for one reason, the people on the road. The people. The people. The minute I hit the road and i say hi to a stranger, I am home. Home in my heart. I l learned again or at least started to remember again how to be hu-maeeen.
My dear friends I am telling you once you taste with your bare lips the taste of freedom and life under the stars, there really is NO coming back. Life is such a treasure…Be brave, help someone, be human.
I don’t know anything anymore. I know I am on a flight to Stansted Aiport and I know i need to make my way back home. But this is all i know. All I care about. Cause who knows if I am alive tomorrow but today i am. That’s what I know.
P.S. I found this blog today, May 31st 2015, which I wrote a month ago. Since then I DO know that I want to help Nepal. Yes, i do want to help. I’ve been searching for meaning something that makes me alive and happy that I can use the energy given by my creators to help, to celebrate this journey together and i know now there is a huge opportunity to make a difference. I am getting involved with some friends who are currently in Nepal to build a better future for the Nepali rural communities. Soon more on my blog. For now check out http://www.consciousimpact.org Love you all
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