Global Marketing Consulting

If your business supports mother nature and helps people live happier lives I can help you with your marketing efforts too. I offer marketing & business strategy consulting, community development, supporting social business initiatives. I look forward to crossing paths and making the world a better place.

I have over 10 years of experience working in business development, marketing, online development, branding, product development, e-commerce, experiential events planning & innovation and international brand expansion for companies including Johnson & Johnson, Brown-FormanBhakti Fest , Blue Glue, Indosole, Embody Dance and Yoga Festival, Sound & Silence Festival as well as some NGOs such as Embracing the WorldAmmachi Labs , Westminster Arts, Time and Talent for Westminster, Volunteer Centre Westminster London.


1. Business Consulting – grow your business successfully; launch a  new product area;  learn new skills or best practices to improve your business/project

2. Marketing Strategy Consulting

3. Digital Marketing Consulting

4. WordPress Web Developer

5. Product Marketing Manager 

6. Marketing Copywriter

7. Marketing, SEO & Social media Analyst

8. Content Strategist

9. Social Media Management

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