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За повече информация (на български), моля да ми изпратите имейл на, а за моята история кликнете TYK .


On Saturday, April 25, 2015, I was sitting with my friends in cafe in Kathmandu, just 2 hours after we finished a 10-day silent meditation retreat – Vipassana, when the powerful earthquake shook Nepal killing more than 5,900 people, flattening sections of the city’s historic center, and trapping dozens of sightseers in a 200-foot watchtower that came crashing down into a pile of bricks.

The scenes outside on the streets when we managed to run out of the building where we sat were frightening. Pillons lying on the streets, collapsed buildings and fences, smashed cars, people panicking and running everywhere.I was really unsure if this was the end, the end of my adventures and perhaps my life too. Luckily we managed to escape the touristy area and take refuge at the King’s Royal Palace museum where the wall had collapse and we managed to enter its huge garden. From then on it was just a question of waiting to be saved by our governments and foreign offices. It was scary but we knew we will get help. Now I am sitting home with my parents in Bulgaria and life goes on for me…

Unfortunately this is not the case with the people from Nepal….When I was driven to be evacuated to the airport there were thousands of Napali people on the streets in Kathmandu trying to escape the city, waiting for buses or trying to find other shelter as well as food, water and warm clothes. It was raining. The whole picture was very sad.

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Conscious impact is a response to the material and spiritual needs of this world. we believe that humanity must unite to meet global challenges through grassroots, sustainable development solutions. even more, we understand that we gain peace, harmony and happiness through serving others.

That is why our mission is two-way: to serve communities in need while allowing these communities in return to serve us. we invite you to join one of our projects to see for yourself.

The conscious impact team has worked in rural development and international service for the past 7 years in Latin America and Africa. now, we shift our focus to Nepal, where the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on april 25th flattened much of the country. rural communities were hit hardest. lives were thrown into disorder, but families are now quickly working to rebuild. we are on the ground to help in any way we can.

Our mission is to inspire, mobilize and train volunteers to compassionately and selflessly serve those in need through international, cross-cultural collaborations. our programs are designed to maximize impact through sustainable and community-led solutions.

While our focus is community development through service, we understand that to serve others we need to first serve ourselves. that is why we offer personal development opportunities through yoga, meditation and hiking programs to both our international volunteers and local Nepali community members.

Lastly, and most importantly, we are a community and volunteer-led organization. that means that who we are and what we do depends on the interests, desires and passions of our partners. that could be you! come and join us in nepal and help us to make a conscious impact in this world.

This is the cause that I totally support and know that the money will go directly to rebuild Nepal. And YOU can be part of this effort by simply clicking here.

I am going to Nepal soon too, so you can meet me there.

Please donate and volunteer to rebuild Nepal now! Let’s help Nepal. Let’s be human. Let’s be generous.


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