ALOHA friends! There is so much I want to share about myself so here it is.

I hope this is a good start. If you want to connect I will be so happy :).

I am Tatyana. Born and raised in Bulgaria, a world citizen & a digital nomad. I used to live in London, working in Digital Marketing in the city, teaching yoga and also working with different charitable organisations. I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential through all the learnings and experience I have gathered along my journey.  And I love yoga, meditations, socialising, reading a good book or a magazine & of course dancing until you can’t move any more. Yeah I love dancing and live music too. It really invigorates my spirit.  I love being happy and empowering friends with what I can, knowing that they can always rely on me.


October 2014 I left my job in search for something new, something more meaningful and full-filing.  During the past 4 years, I travelled in India, Nepal,  the USA, Thailand & Bali.  I’ve experienced meeting spiritual leaders & amazing people, seen incredible places and been happier and freer than ever before. Now finally I am settled back in my home country, Bulgaria and things are slowly shaping in the way I’ve always wanted them to be. I am content. Everything in my life is well.

The purpose of this website is to inspire your soul to live the life you deserve and fill your heart with warmth and love.

If you know me or simply are intrigued to follow my adventures, I invite you to follow my blog HERE. Please DO comment and DO get in touch I hope to touch that piece of your heart which knows that you and I are the same. Also If your business supports mother nature and helps people live happier lives I can also help you with some business consulting. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you. Love to you all.

The divine in me honours the divine in you.

Big hug,

Yours Tatyana


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