A word on practice and patience

Day 6

A word on practice and patience


I have been practising yoga pretty much non stop for the past 2 years. On September 20th I moved out of my London flat and until my flight to India October 24th I had hardly any yoga. On my fourth day in India I finally found yoga again. I am not sure what happened to my body. The combination of lifting all those heavy bags, together with eating all sorts of food back home (including meatballs, yes), the travels, and the lack of movement created almost like an imaginary web on my back and I can hardly move it. It feels like I am stating from zero again. Even worse. Really hard to straighten my knees and my back oh my god my back is in so much pain every time i try to do a shoulder stand or anything else. Today while hardly trying to touch the ground over my head with one foot and the pain was excruciating, i tried to push it at first and then something happened. I closed my eyes and i asked myself what happened to the teacher Tatyana. Me, the person who has been preaching never to force the body and always go with the breath, I was caught up in my struggle and in stead of letting go and smiling, I was doing the opposite, I was forcing. While meditating on all that happened during breakfast after my class I realised that what happened to me is what happens to all of us in life. We see something and we like it. We then go and buy it or win it over. And after getting used to having the thing or the person we forget about them. Forget about maintaining the relationship or the condition. And, and well this is what happens. The thing ceases to work. And what do we do. We force. We cry. We beat. We do everything but surrendering. We want it so badly again. This is the moment when patience plays vital role in our lives. We need to realise how important it is to let the others be too. But never forget to practise too. The same way we practice yoga everyday. We need to “practise” love. Practise patience. Practise compassion. Practise letting go. This my friends is the only way to keep something if you really love it. Never take for granted. Never force.

Always keep the practice ….


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