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My dearest friends, welcome, welcome, welcome. I am Anahatha Tatyana. I am a digital nomad, living life through bliss, ecstasy, dance, love, freedom, joy and honesty as much as I can.  This website is a place where you can get in touch if you want to work with me or simply follow my journey. I will be sharing travel photos, thoughts, inspiration, stories, books, music, healthy recipes and anything else in-between.

The purpose of this website is also to create a space where you can see my work in global conscious marketing and life coaching. I really believe that the two go hand in hand. And just to give you some background, I am a projector according to human design. Projectors are the great guides and they are here to help the other types (and particularly Generators) manage their energy. Energetically Projectors absorb and take in the other in a very focused way. They are here to be recognised and to recognise the potential in those around them. Additionally my sun sign is in capricorn and my ascendant sign is in cancer. What does this mean, I basically combine the ambition of success & climbing to the top through the capricorn with the care of a mother in cancer. You can read more about me here.

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In case you have any questions or request or you simply want to share a thought please hit the ‘contact me’ tab and I promise to come back to you as quickly as I can.

With all my LOVE All Ways!

Anahatha Tatyana





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